Friday, October 9, 2015

Black Friday Shopping Tips

It's still Black Friday 2010, but shoppers who failed to score doorbuster deals at brick-and-mortar retailers, are looking toward Cyber Monday 2010. Cyber Monday is the first business day after Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), and in the past it's been spotlighted by online retailers as their first shot at consumers who don't have home broadband. The question: is Cyber Monday still relevant?

If you're lucky to access the site, there you will find Cyber Monday Kindle Paperwhite 2015 on a large assortment of video games and consoles like Wii, a 4GB XBox 360 (from $139.99), and 160GB Sony PlayStation 3 (from $199.99) with two games. You can use cash or in-store credit from your GameStop trade-in values to snap up these babies.

After deciding what TV I was going to my daughter at Amazon, I kept surfing and came across some great black friday 2016 on external media storage devices at the site! The Western Digital 750GB USB 2.0 external hard drive is 38% off at $105.99 (normally $169.99)! That's right, that's less than a quarter a gigabyte! Western Digital has incorporated 'green features' into this hard drive by having it turn off when your computer goes to sleep (or suspend itself) vice continuing to run (and burn power) when the computer is offline. A great gift for your teen or tween (computer savy significant other) who is into electronic movies, music, and pictures! This cyber Monday gift will keep the family computer hard drive a little more open this coming year.

The first thing noticed about the kindle paperwhite deals is how it is set up. On the lower panel of the Kindle you have a keypad. It has all of the letters on a regular keyboard, plus the numbers. Along the right hand side the Kindle offers a menu, next page, previous page, and options buttons. The original wireless device has the next page and previous page options on both sides for comfortable handling. The latest generation of the kindle paperwhite deals is the Global Wireless for $259.00. It offers you 3G wireless technology to allow you on the internet from anywhere. It uses the same technology as mobile phones, so you do not have to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Its free connection makes it a snap to shop for books, magazines, and other printed material - no matter where you are. Media is literally at your fingertips with a Paperwhite.

Know return policies. Does your online retailer make it easy or difficult to return unwanted or damaged items? If the return policy is complicated, it may be better to buy from a different retailer.

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS): This chain of stores located in the Northeast also has an online store. EMS is running a sale of 20 percent on almost everything in its stores and online through Sunday. Some items are marked down by 30 to 50 percent. The website is also running a series of 3-hour deals. For example, Mountain Hardwear clothing was marked down by an additional 10 percent on Friday morning.

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